Of 2016 and Langkawi.

With the expected rising cost of living and the decreases in global oil prices, 2016 could be more challenging and more expensive year, compared to 2015. Beginning this year ERL have increases their ticket to RM55, that is 57% more than the usual price. So if you are traveling in group, might as well use the Airport Taxi services since hiring them is much cheaper. On the other note, car prices are expected to rise as well with Honda and Toyota already announcing their price increases. Proton and others are expected to follow suit. In addition, with the rapid decreases in oil prices, and since our country main source of income is Petronas, the government may start to think of other ways to increase its revenue; maybe by increasing the GST rate or expand its wings to other areas such as tolls or oil purchase. Furthermore, since the electricity subsidies and rebates have already been removed this year, the electricity bill is also expected to rise and etc. So get ready for a major lifestyle changes this year. 

This means any unnecessary expenses need to be limited, as strictly as possible. Less eating outside and limit the holiday travels. Monthly spending, credit card expenses and so on, need to be crucially monitored. The aim is to become financially independent in 2016. So maybe need to think of ways for additional income,(Ahmad Maslan would be proud of me).

So let us all welcome 2016 with an open arms. Because like it or not, 2016 is here to stay and we have got no other choices but to be prepared for it.

On the side note, happy newlyweds Mukhlis and Salma!. The couple's wedding in Langkawi last weekend was simple and yet beautiful at the same time. May your wedding be blessed and full of joy and laughter, till Jannah, Insyaallah.

Owh and also, Selamat Ulang Tahun Perkenalan 0105!

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